Our Story

Welcome to The Orange Trader.

The Orange Trader is a space for your eye to wander and marvel at the creations, of the old and the new.
Careful selection is made of each piece – more often than not, a one off piece that you can be sure will not be found in any old chum’s home.

From the black soil plains of a property named ‘Webegong,’ Prue’s fascination with colour and fabulous finds began.
Prue’s mother had travelled the world extensively as a child and collected beautiful pieces along the way.
Their home was filled with fabulous finds, housed within walls that were bursting with colour.
This was the foundation for her love affair of travelling and searching for the beautifully crafted, colourful and distinct pieces.

From Africa to Europe, the United States to Australia and everywhere in between, The Orange Trader’s range is a detailed collective of special pieces that will make one stop and admire.

We hope you fancy the pieces as much as we have loved discovering them.
More of Prue’s story…

Prue grew up in the Central West of N.S.W. near a town called, ‘Warren.’
After schooling in Sydney, she lived and worked in Sydney and overseas until falling in love with her gorgeous husband, ‘Swainy,’ and moved back to the bush.

Prue and Swainy have spent the past three years renovating a fabulous circa 1910 home in Orange N.S.W.
They also share there beautiful home with two very lovely and spoilt Border Collies named Tommy Two and Dewy.
They have five chooks that produce scrummy eggs.